Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Joint Pain "Loves" Women

(NAPSI)-One thing that women do faster than men actually puts them at a higher risk for joint pain. And it all has to do with collagen.

"Women naturally lose joint collagen-which makes up 70 percent of the cartilage that provides cushion, strength and smoothness to joints-at a faster rate than men," says Len Smith, CEO of BSP Pharma. "And because women have less cartilage than men to begin with, any loss they experience affects them with more intensity."

Smith explains that this effect is further compounded after menopause, when levels of estrogen-which has a cartilage-protecting effect-drop. That's why doctors say it's especially important for women to take steps to protect against cartilage degradation.

These tips can help:

• Exercise--It only takes 30 minutes a day, but exercising energizes you, lifts your mood and helps relieve pain and stiffness. Walking, swimming and stretching are all great ways to get moving.

• Hydrate--Drinking water keeps joints mobile, so don't wait until you're thirsty to start hydrating.

• Eat Wisely--Foods like carrots, cauliflower, apples, almonds and cinnamon can neutralize the acid in your body that can increase joint pain. On the flip side, acidic foods-like coffee, soda, wine and citrus-should be reduced.

• Consider A Supplement--A new product for women's joint health, called SheaFlex70, has been shown to help dramatically reduce joint pain, joint-specific inflammation and joint-collagen breakdown. Clinically proven to be safe, it was specifically developed to stabilize type II collagen, the kind most abundant in joint cartilage. Plus, it can be taken in partnership with glucosamine, a commonly recommended supplement for joint pain.

• The Great Outdoors--The more fresh air you get-including when exercising-the more oxygen your body gets. And since more oxygen means increased energy, that allows you to be more active-thus helping to reduce joint pain.

One last thing: Connecting with others who are fighting joint pain may help you cope with your situation. You can find an online community of women protecting their joint health, along with tips and news, at www.sheaflex70.com. The site also lets you order the supplement over the Web.

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