Thursday, August 27, 2009

L'Oreal Reveals Beauty Habits in the Face of Recession

/PRNewswire/ -- In an ongoing effort to better understand women's beauty routines, L'Oreal, in its 100th year, commissioned an international usage survey. The research featured some unexpected findings about how women's makeup habits are adapting in response to the recession, including how women are using makeup to get ahead at work.

The Beauty Barometer survey asked 4,000 women in the U.S. and four European countries about their cosmetic products and usage. And findings revealed that while women have changed the shades they purchase to be more "natural," they won't be giving up their favorite products anytime soon. Survey highlights include:

-- Nearly half of U.S. women surveyed believe wearing makeup gives them
an advantage at work and makes them feel more in control
-- Four out of 10 U.S. women are wearing more neutral shades and a more
natural makeup style than before the recession

-- The majority of women surveyed believe wearing makeup makes them feel
more self confident, and even more believe that wearing makeup
improves their self image (82 percent and 86 percent respectively)

Proving that beauty is recession-proof, nine out of 10 women in the United States and Europe reported no change in makeup usage despite the economic crisis.

Women won't compromise on their hair either - when it comes to saving money, most U.S. women surveyed (63 percent) have not cut their hair to make it less expensive to maintain.

L'Oreal has led the beauty industry for the past 100 years through a keen understanding of consumer attitudes and preferences. The brand's goal has always been to make beauty accessible to all and to develop products that meet the cultural preferences and beauty needs of women and men around the globe.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beauty basics to help you embrace autumn

(ARA) - Fall is a time of transition. Not only do you need to prepare your skin for the cold months ahead, but it’s time to transform your look from light and airy to soft and classic.

Focus on a few beauty basics – skin, make-up, fashion and fragrance – and you’ll have all you need for a fantastic fall.

Great skin is always in
As the weather gets cooler and drier, your skin needs extra moisture to keep it supple. Keep warm weather memories alive with a scent reminiscent of summer and try Coconut Milk Body Lotion from The Body Shop. Treat yourself to the finest ingredients – ethically sourced community trade virgin coconut oil from Samoa – and get soft, smooth and deliciously scented skin.

Pucker up
Autumn lips are washed in soft color. International make-up artist Chase Aston says this fall is all about the perfect pout and recommends Colourglide Lip Color from The Body Shop.

Aston shares his tips for luscious and gorgeous lips:
* Use a lip liner for added definition and to help prevent feathering.
* Enhance the natural color of your lips by gently gliding on lip color. For added pout power, use a lipstick/concealer brush.
* Look for a shade that complements your skin tone. With 37 shades, you can easily find Colourglide Lip Color that works for you.

Ultra-modern eyes
This fall, dramatic smoldering eyes are what’s fabulous.

To achieve fall’s hottest eye looks, Aston gives these sizzling tips:
* Smudge together forest green, shimmering grey and lilac to create a chic, modern, smoky eye.
* To create an intense, sultry eye look, look for a palette that features a warm trio of rich brown, golden copper and shimmering sand hues.
* Try a metallic eye definer. Alone, it can be used to line and define or use it to complement your favorite eye shadow. “Choose shades that contrast your eyes to make them pop,” says Aston. “Apply color to the eyelid or along the lash-line as an accent for impact.”

Bundle up
Classic, “back to basics” clothing was all the rage on the fall runways. This season’s must-have piece is the crisp white jacket that works with everything from jeans to a little black dress. The key accessory to sport is perfectly fitting with the chill in the air – gloves. Half gloves, fingerless gloves and long gloves are gracing the arms of starlets walking the red carpet and go with everything from rugged parkas to dainty and ladylike skirts. If you’ve got a special occasion to dress for, or if you’re just plain feeling glam, the gold dress, inspired by the rich tones of autumn, is the choice for your holiday parties.

For more information on fall beauty basics, visit

Courtesy of ARAcontent

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hanes(R) and Susan G. Komen for the Cure(R) Inspire Creativity for a Cause

/PRNewswire/ -- Hanes has launched a T-shirt design competition offering the chance to combine creativity with passion for a most worthy cause - Susan G. Komen for the Cure . Through Oct. 26, 2009, participants can enter Passionately Pink-inspired T-shirt designs with messages of hope, love and support for the chance to win a weekly drawing for a $100 Hanes gift card. In addition, a grand-prize winner will receive a $250 Hanes gift card and a screen-printed copy of the winning T-shirt design. Hanes will also make a $5,000 donation in the grand-prize winner's name to the winner's choice of Susan G. Komen for the Cure local Affiliate or Komen Global Headquarters.

This year, Hanes became the Official Apparel Sponsor of Passionately Pink for the Cure, a fund-raising program created by Komen for the Cure that inspires breast cancer advocacy and honors those affected by the disease. Hanes is donating $250,000 ($100,000 in cash and $150,000 in kind) to Komen for the Cure. In June 2009, public service announcements dedicated to breast cancer awareness began airing featuring actress Sarah Chalke (Hanes spokesperson and star of the television show "Scrubs" and mini series "Maneater"). Chalke also will attend Komen events and will host her own "Passionately Pink" parties with her sisters and friends.

Beginning today, Hanes will also offer a special "pink collection" of panties, bras, socks and graphic tees (including one T-shirt exclusively designed by Chalke), and has created a campaign Web site,, that features interactive content to inspire people to make a difference in the breast cancer support community. The Hanes contribution will help fund Komen's breast cancer research and community outreach efforts. The Hanes "pink collection," including Chalke's T-shirt, is now available on and will be in select stores in September.

About the Competition

The design competition will be hosted on the campaign Web site, Visitors can design virtual Passionately Pink T-shirts using a variety of tools and graphics provided on the site, including a text function that will allow users to convey a tribute message or a personal note. Once the digital T-shirt is submitted, consumers will complete an online form to be entered into the promotion for the chance to turn their virtual creation into a screen-printed tee.

"The Hanes Passionately Pink T-shirt design competition will mobilize and encourage people to join the fight against breast cancer while allowing them to express their passion in an individualized way, providing comfort to those who need it most," remarked Sidney Falken, SVP/Hanes brand.

Each week throughout the contest, the first 30 participants will receive a T-shirt from actress Sarah Chalke, who has kicked off the competition with her own Hanes T-shirt design which includes the words "courage and strength" above her signature and features pink hearts alongside the iconic pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

"I am so excited to kick off the Hanes Passionately Pink for the Cure design competition and be a part of an amazingly dedicated network. Awareness is the best prevention and this program encourages people from across the country to join the fight against breast cancer in a truly meaningful way," remarked Chalke. "The pink Hanes T-shirt I designed was inspired by my personal connection to cancer."

Twelve weekly winners will be selected based on pre-determined criteria including representation of campaign theme, creativity, originality and online votes. Finalists will be announced on November 11, 2009, and will receive a $100 Hanes gift card. Beginning Nov. 11, 2009, through Nov. 25, 2009, 12 finalists will be featured on where visitors can vote on their favorite designs. The grand prize winner, who will be announced on or about Dec. 7, 2009, will designate either Komen Global Headquarters or a local Komen for the Cure Affiliate to receive a $5,000 donation made in his or her name by Hanes. The grand prize winner will also receive a $250 Hanes gift card and a screen-printed copy of their winning design on a Hanes T-shirt.

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ChiliPad™ Reduces Severity of Hot Flashes in Menopausal Women

GBB Note: Ahhhh... A cool bed and a good night's sleep? Delightful idea.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--For many women, the word "menopause" means living with innumerable symptoms which can alter the course of their lives. Menopause affects nearly 40 million women in the United States and while it is a natural time of physical and emotional change, it can also be a time of confusion and worry. Common symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability, low libido, and depression. Hot Flashes are the most common symptom experienced by menopausal women.

ChiliPad™, a revolutionary mattress pad with both heating and cooling functions, reduces the severity of hot flashes by allowing consumers to adjust the entire surface of their bed to the desired temperature. ChiliPad cools and warms a bed from 48 to 118 degrees F.

"Often if a room is too cold for one person it is too warm for the other,” said Todd Youngblood, president and co-founder, ChiliTechnology, LLC. “Some couples resort to opening windows or turning on the AC all night to stay cool. Instead of cooling the whole house to get a comfortable night's sleep, you can just cool the bed. This is especially helpful for women experiencing hot flashes and night sweats or anyone who just needs to cool their body down to get a good night’s sleep.”

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 61 percent of menopausal women suffer from some kind of sleep disorder. Sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, allowing the mind to rest and reorganize before the next day's events; menopausal women who are having trouble sleeping feel the effects in every part of their lives.

“When having hot flashes, it's hard to fool Mother Nature,” said Karen Giblin, president, Red Hot Mamas. “Hot flashes and night sweats affect 75-85% of women. Women feel intense heat, get flushed, perspire, and they may get uncomfortably wet during the night. This may cause them to awaken and the next day they may feel fatigued and moody. Good news gals, we now have a product that can fool Mother Nature. The new product is the ChiliPad which gives some of us a new lease on menopausal life. So, as the temperatures soars in your bed at night, and you are tossing and turning feeling that greenhouse effect when those hot flashes and night sweats strike, all you have to now do is to turn on your ChiliPad. Your bed will stay cool and you will be more comfortable during the night."

The ChiliPad can be used 12 months out of the year to keep the bed cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Anyone suffering from menopause, injury or illness where cooling the body down or warming it up helps, benefits from a ChiliPad. To learn more about ChiliPad and how it is being used by consumers, please contact Jane Westgate at 336-209-9276 or via e-mail

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Watching Your Bottom Line

(NAPSI)-Staying true to your style budget is an increasingly smart idea, and there are a few clever ways you can watch your bottom line.

Recessionistas know that it pays to invest in classic pieces and dress them up with a few trend-smart favorites to keep current. Here are a few examples of this season's must-haves:

• Flats. Patent metallic flats work with so many different outfits. Embellished ballet flats add a feminine touch.

• A large bag. A large, polished-leather satchel or antique tapestry bag can supply the look and offer a practical advantage for carrying everyday essentials.

• Belts. A large belt with heavy metal studs fits well with this season's gladiator look and can help define a variety of daytime outfits. For a more sophisticated evening look, choose a belt with sparkle.

• Natural jewelry. When buying jewelry, think natural. Opt for a rustic turquoise bracelet or a necklace of polished river stones.

• Cinch it. Need a dress for a date? Consider a flirty number with a cinched waist.

• Fitted skirts. For dates or daytime, nothing says trendy now like a fitted, knee-length skirt.

• Smoothers, toners, tights. When watching the bottom line of your fashion budget, don't skimp on smoothers and shapers that shape up your bottom line. The right first layer can make everything that follows look so much better.

L'eggs Profiles® Smoothers, Toners and Tights, with or without hosiery, help smooth and shape hips, tummy and thighs to enhance the way you look when wearing the season's must-haves.

It's always a good idea to shop and compare prices. With their smooth shape and slim price, the L'eggs Profiles line can help shape your bottom line. The line can be conveniently purchased at many mass and drug retail locations for under $9.

The right smoothers and toners can even help you shop in your own closet. They could help you fit into that classic skirt that has gotten a little snug.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall fashion trends – expert advice from those who know

(ARA) - Looking for insight into what your college student wants to wear to school this fall? Want them to fit in with their peers, but still look respectable? Want to know the secrets to saving a buck?

The fashion design and fashion merchandising students and instructors at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale offer some advice and insight on fall fashion trends.

“Global cultures influence the colorful mosaic of fall ’09, creating a new universal attitude,” says fashion design instructor at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Chelsea Rousso. “Through a mixture of motifs, layering occurs, allowing for uniqueness and individuality. Deep ethnic colors and patterns are appearing on scarves, skirts and knit dresses worn over leggings or textured tights. These ‘boho’ looks capture the relaxed approach to the easy-does-it mind-set.”

Rousso, who is currently writing a book on fashion forecasting, has more than 20 years experience as a designer and design director in the New York fashion world, including Datiani. As business in the early ‘90s was changing, she developed the concept for an artisan-inspired collection called Earth Song, clothing with natural and earthy appeal that was sold to stores and catalogs throughout the United States. “I am now committed to ‘giving back’ through teaching,” she says.

Recent graduates of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Fashion programs have their own opinions on fall fashion. “College students think about finding themselves,” says Karlee Smith, who received a bachelor’s of science degree in fashion merchandising and immediately went to work at the VF Corporation in Atlanta, Ga., as Vassarette merchandiser. “In essence, they create their own trends. At least most do who care to be unique. Even if they are on a budget, college students can find affordable clothes and accessories at places like Forever 21, Zara and Express.”

Smith’s classmate Elana Bloom concurs with making your own fashion statements and that college students care about their clothes. “I do think college students still think about fashion when they dress for class. Although, I do not think fashion is what is determined in their mind when they are shopping for their class attire,” she says. Comfort, convenience and chic are ideal for a college student who faces long days schelpping books, laptops, and other college necessities. Let’s face it, can a girl walk up three flights of stairs in 4-inch platforms and make it without breaking a sweat or falling?

“Today less is more and being chic is not being bedazzled or wearing ultra tight clothing,” Bloom adds. “It is about accessorizing your bamboo cotton sweat outfit. Attraction is all in the hair, makeup and the accessories. Who has time to put together a three-piece outfit at 6 a.m. for an 8 a.m. class? Throw on a comfy cute sweat suit by Pink Lotus or a cotton maxi dress by Lani, Havianas sandals, beaded bracelets, sunnies and a quick blow dry to the hair and you’re ready to go.”

Rousso agrees that when it comes to accessorizing, students are keen. “They are adding interest to their outfits by using bright pops of color to a neutral palette of black and grey,” she says. “From shoes to sweaters or necklaces to handbags, the intense hues are adding color excitement. Crimson red, associated with strength, desire and power is being worn by girls and guys in jackets, bags and accessories.“

Jeans – a college fashion staple – are also getting an updated look this season. Ruosso continues, “The looks for denim this season include skinny jean silhouettes along with more relaxed shapes that are cinched at the ankle – often tucked into gladiator sandals or boots. Denim is light in color, distressed and embellished with studs and embroideries – a flashback to the ‘80s.”

Bloom also suggests Nordstrom’s B.P section and Target as places to find affordable accessories. “Wide headbands or scarves used as headbands, chunky beads and rings, and fun play jewelry embellish any outfit. I also think everyone should accessorize with a nice manicure and pedicure. This always gives a mini makeover.”

Both Bloom and Smith share more than their fashionable interests. They were the first two high school teens to win full scholarships in The Art Institutes Passion for Fashion Competition in 2006. They decided that Fort Lauderdale was the shared destination to pursue their design and merchandising goals. They met for the first time in New York at the scholarship presentation and have been making news ever since.

Smith is originally from Simi Valley, Calif., and a graduate of South Forsyth High School, in Cumming, Ga. Bloom, of Boca Raton, Fla., is a graduate of Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Fla.

To learn more about The Art Institutes schools, visit

The Art Institutes ( is a system of over 40 education institutions located throughout North America, providing an important source of design, media arts, fashion and culinary arts professionals.

Courtesy of ARAcontent

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

U.S. Marshals Seize Skin Sanitizer, Protectant Products Made by Clarcon Biological Chemical Laboratory Inc.

U.S. Marshals, at the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, have seized all skin sanitizers and skin protectants, including ingredients and components, at Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory’s Roy, Utah facility. The FDA is also warning consumers not to use any Clarcon products because they contain harmful bacteria and are promoted as antimicrobial agents that claim to treat open wounds, damaged skin, and protect against various infectious diseases. No cases have been reported to the FDA.

Clarcon voluntarily recalled the affected products, marketed under several different brand names, in June 2009, following an FDA inspection that revealed high levels of potentially disease-causing bacteria in the products.

The inspection also uncovered serious deviations from the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, including poor practices that permitted the contamination. The FDA’s seizure of these products, along with their ingredients and any in-process or bulk materials, occurred after Clarcon did not agree to promptly destroy them. The FDA is protecting the public by preventing these products from entering the marketplace.

“The FDA is committed to taking enforcement action against firms that do not manufacture drugs in accordance with our current good manufacturing practice requirements,” said Deborah M. Autor, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Office of Compliance. “We will remain vigilant in our efforts to protect consumers from defective products.”

Clarcon produced and distributed over 800,000 bottles of these products in multiple regions of the country since 2007. Consumers should not use any Clarcon products and should dispose of them in their household trash.

Analyses of several samples of the topical antimicrobial skin sanitizer and skin protectant products revealed high levels of various bacteria. Some of these bacteria can cause opportunistic infections of the skin and underlying tissues. Such infections may need medical or surgical attention and may result in permanent damage. Examples of products that should be discarded are:

Citrushield Lotion
Dermasentials DermaBarrier
Dermassentials by Clarcon Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer
Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment
Skin Shield Restaurant
Skin Shield Industrial
Skin Shield Beauty Salon Lotion
Total Skin Care Beauty
Total Skin Care Work

Health care professionals and consumers may report serious adverse events or product quality problems with the use of this product to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, or by regular mail, fax, or phone.
--Regular Mail: use postage-paid FDA form 3500 and mail to MedWatch, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787
--Fax: 800-FDA-0178
--Phone: 800-FDA-1088

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