Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Defeat Dryness

(NAPSI)-It may be simpler than you realize to kiss dry, chapped lips good-bye.

The problem is dry air, cold temperatures and wind can all have a drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from the body. In fact, lips are composed of the body's thinnest and most fragile skin and are particularly vulnerable, often being the first area to present signs of dryness, sunburn and other wear and tear.

According to a recent survey, 53 percent of the population and 67 percent of women experience dry lips. Symptoms include:

•Dehydration-Lips feel dry and tight.

•Rough Texture-Lips are rough and scale easily.

•Diminished Tone-The natural hue appears faded.

Fortunately, there are easy and inexpensive ways to protect your lips. Here are hints that can help:

•Refrain from licking your lips, which can actually enhance dryness.

•Drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated.

•Use a humidifier at home to moisten the air.

•For extra protection from wind and cold air, cover your lips with a scarf when you're outdoors.

•Consider a lip product designed to repair damage and improve lip health. To help with long-lasting relief that goes beyond a simple barrier, Neosporin, a brand known for its legacy of healing and leadership in the topical antibiotic category, has introduced a new line of lip health products. It features a patented technology that contains a combination of essential lipids, fatty acids and antioxidants designed to provide cells with the building blocks they need to repair themselves. The daytime Neosporin Lip Health contains SPF 20 to protect skin from the sun's damaging rays. The Overnight Renewal Therapy works during the body's natural recovery process while you sleep for softer lips the next day. Together, they're clinically proven to give you visibly healthier lips in three days.

To learn more about the simple steps you can take to keep your lips healthy, visit

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Affordable fall beauty secrets revealed

(ARA) - In the sea of beauty lotions and potions, how do you know what really works and is worth your hard-earned dollar? It's best to trust the experts who test them all so you know what is fabulous, and what will flounder.

Polly Blitzer, founder and editor-in-chief of, has spent years immersed in the beauty industry. Today she offers her insider tips for getting the best style at an affordable price:

Tip 1: Utilize the Internet for beauty buzz and best buys

The Internet is a great place to research, find and buy beauty products. There are blogs, sites and forums devoted solely to helping you look good and they can even save you time and money by weeding through the fads and helping you cut through the beauty aisle clutter. Blitzer recommends for their deals on top products.

Tip 2: As weather cools, keep hair healthy and shiny

When looking at hair products, it's hard to tell if it's worth spending more for expensive treatments. What's the difference between pricey and less expensive products? There are a few things that could account for the price difference – packaging, exotic ingredients, small manufacturing facilities, etc. That doesn’t mean, however, that products without those are any less effective. Look for hair care products that have won numerous awards by beauty and fashion magazines since they have expertise in the area.

To get sexy autumn locks at an affordable price, try Pantene Pro-V products. Experts agree that Pantene products provide damage protection that even the leading salon brands can't beat and the line was even recently awarded the "Good Housekeeping" Institute Seal.

Tip 3: Utilize household staples

When looking to save a buck and still look fabulous, see what you have around your house. Always stock up on cotton swabs because they can be used for virtually anything. Clear nail polish goes beyond nail use – fix a quick loose stitch on the bottom of your pants or stop an itching mosquito bite.

Tip 4: Think quality skin care for less

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a quality skin care product. Magazines and beauty editors say great things about – and give plenty of awards to – drugstore favorite Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. Priced at $25, it recently outperformed pricier luxury creams costing as much as $350 in testing by the "Good Housekeeping" Institute. Its high quality ingredients and both immediate and long-term results make it a great buy.

Tip 5: Focus on the fall beauty trends

Metallic nail polishes are in this season – everything from silvers to bronzes to golds. The red lip is still on-trend as is the smoky eye, although it’s been freshened up by using soft grays instead of severe blacks. Finally, on cheeks, try a nice pink flush to give yourself an almost fairy or pixie look. Blitzer likes CoverGirl’s Cheekers collection, also a regular winner in the beauty magazine competitions.

Tip 6: Get the hair color to match the look

Want to find a way to extend the time between your salon visits without sacrificing great looking color? Current at-home dye kits are very easy to use. One that particularly stands out is Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice 'n Easy. It was the most awarded at-home hair color in 2008 by beauty editors at national beauty magazines because it’s the first to offer high-gloss hair color that covers 100 percent of grays in just 10 minutes. Look for rich, shiny colors this fall in shades of gold.

Courtesy of ARAcontent

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Monday, October 5, 2009

How To Look Great In Glasses

(NAPSI)-Finding the perfect eyeglasses doesn't have to be difficult or break the bank. One important tip to remember is that facial features are the best guide for selecting the most complementary pair of frames.

"If people try to follow trends too closely when shopping for glasses, they may end up choosing a pair that doesn't fit properly or complement their face," said supermodel and fashion designer Daisy Fuentes. "It's important to find frames that accentuate your best features before focusing on the look you are trying to achieve, whether it's stylish, intelligent or geek chic."

Fuentes, whose line of affordable eyewear is sold at Walmart Vision Centers, recommends the following tips for matching the perfect pair of glasses with various face shapes:

Oval: Keep balance and proportion in mind when trying on different options and look for frames that are as wide as the broadest part of the face. Make sure the eyewear features aren't overwhelming.

Round: A round face is full with curvy lines and no angles. Use eyewear to provide a slimming effect and minimize the fullness of the face. Avoid square styles. Look for oversized eye shapes in oval or rectangle to make the face appear longer and thinner.

Square: Square faces often have a strong jawline, broad forehead and wide chin and cheekbones. Choose a frame with soft lines or curves to enhance and make the face appear longer. Try highlighting the cheekbones with a cat-eye-inspired look.

Another factor in choosing frames is the prescription in the lenses; this affects which frame style to pick. Plastic frames are usually the first choice for thick lenses, although they may have a tendency to slide down the nose frequently without adjustable nose supports. Metal frames are more durable and are a great choice for people who prefer a lower-profile design. Whichever the choice of frames, be sure to pick a color that complements hair, eye color and skin tone.

"If you have red hair and freckles, avoid bright red frames. Dark skin tones look great with a lighter pair of glasses and vice versa," said Fuentes. "Pick hues that accentuate your eye color. You can amplify your brown or blue eyes by wearing glasses with a similar shade."

After selecting the frames, it's important for people to wear glasses that are recommended by an optometrist and to get regular eye exams to ensure the prescription stays up to date. The latest eyewear styles by Daisy Fuentes and other celebrities, as well as affordable eye exams by licensed optometrists, are available at nearly 3,000 Walmart Vision Centers across the country.

Look Out for this Season's Hottest Eyewear Trends:

Animal Attraction: Leopard and snake in all shapes, sizes and colors. Mix with any trendy color to make a glam statement.

Retro Revival: Vintage is new again with a sprinkle of geek chic. A great vintage accessory will spice up any wardrobe and keep a signature look from looking stale.

Star Studded: Bold, brave, confident…perfect to satisfy the inner diva and make heads turn when entering a room.

True Beauty: From airy feminine details to dangerous curves, make sure to infuse some personality into an everyday wardrobe.

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