Tuesday, August 26, 2008

High Heels: Friend Or Foe?

GBB Note: Oh, how our staff remembers the days of high heels for work! The pain, the agony, the calluses, the limping......

(NAPSI)-Once might be a fluke, but when two Miss USAs in a row fall while walking in high heels, you know women everywhere have a problem. Both tumbles happened during the evening gown competition in 2007 and 2008.

The much-noted spills point out the dangers associated with wearing high heels. "Wearing them affects the entire body, particularly the knee, hip and spine," said Gerard W. Clum, D.C., president of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, Calif. "The abnormal weight bearing and stressful posture induced by high heels can strain both the lower back and the neck-not to mention the feet, ankles and knees."

If high heels are a must, Dr. Clum advises not to wear them for more than two hours a day. So where does that leave fashion-conscious women? Well, no one's saying you have to stick to flats the rest of the time. Instead, doctors at the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress suggest choosing heels of two inches in height or less as a compromise.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Journey With Breast Cancer: Keys To One Woman’s Survival

GBB Note: Did you know that Hispanic women are more at risk for dying from breast cancer than other groups?

Take time for your body. Take time for your family. Take time to have a mammogram. Take time to live.

(NAPSI)-Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer death among Hispanic women. Unfortunately, fewer than 40 percent of Hispanic women age 40 and older have regular breast cancer screenings, which makes them more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage tumors--at which point survival rates are lower.

“Hispanic women with breast cancer tend to be younger and to have larger, more advanced tumors. It is important for women over 40 to have mammograms every year,” Dr. Maurice Berkowitz, of East Valley Hematology/Oncology in Burbank, Calif., said. “The earlier the cancer is found, the better the chances are that the treatment will work.”

Martha Ontiveros, 47, is thankful every day that her breast cancer was caught early. “I am so grateful that I went to the doctor when I did,” Ontiveros said. “If I wasn’t so diligent about my annual mammograms and didn’t pay attention to my body, I might not be here today.”

Ontiveros, who immigrated from Mexico at 15, was determined not to be part of the statistics. An annual mammogram detected a benign lump in Martha’s breast. A few months later, while performing a breast self-exam, Martha realized that the lump had changed. She went to her doctor, and was diagnosed with Stage II, HER2-positive breast cancer.

HER2-positive breast cancer is an aggressive form of the disease that accounts for approximately 25 percent of all breast cancer cases and is caused by an overexpression of a protein called HER2 in tumor cells. Research has shown that women with HER2-positive breast cancer have a greater likelihood of recurrence, poorer prognosis, and decreased survival compared to women with HER2-negative breast cancer. Special testing is required to identify women who have HER2-positive breast cancer.

“The first couple of days after my diagnosis, I wondered if I needed to say my goodbyes. But I was ready to put up a fight against the cancer,” Ontiveros said.

Through the support of her husband, family, and friends, Ontiveros began the aggressive treatment her doctor recommended. Surgery was scheduled immediately, followed by chemotherapy and Herceptin, a drug that specifically targets HER2-positive cancer cells.

Ontiveros wants other women to be educated about the risk of breast cancer, to know their bodies, and to have open communication with their healthcare providers.

“Early in my diagnosis, I felt uncomfortable with the attention I received, but I soon realized I could take advantage of my situation and educate others,” Ontiveros said. “I started getting phone calls from relatives and friends asking about my health, and I took the opportunity to tell them my story and to encourage them to be diligent with screenings, both monthly self-exams and yearly mammograms.”

Thanks to surgery, targeted therapy, and early diagnosis, Ontiveros has shown no sign of cancer for two years.

Every person who has HER2-positive breast cancer is unique and no cancer treatment works for every person.

Who is Herceptin for?

Herceptin, as part of a treatment regimen containing doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide and paclitaxel, is indicated for the adjuvant treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer. Herceptin as a single agent is indicated for the adjuvant treatment of HER2-positive node-negative (ER/PR negative or with one high-risk feature) or node-positive breast cancer, following multi-modality anthracycline-based therapy.

Herceptin in combination with paclitaxel is indicated for treatment of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. Herceptin as a single agent is indicated for treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer in patients who have received one or more chemotherapy regimens for metastatic disease.

What important safety information should I know about Herceptin?

Boxed WARNINGS and Additional Important Safety Information

Herceptin treatment can result in heart problems, including those without symptoms (reduced heart function) and those with symptoms (congestive heart failure). Some patients have had serious infusion reactions and lung problems; fatal infusion reactions have been reported. Worsening of low white blood cell counts associated with chemotherapy has also occurred. The most common side effects associated with Herceptin were fever, nausea, vomiting, infusion reactions, diarrhea, infections, increased cough, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, rash, low white and red blood cells, and muscle pain.

Because everyone is different, it is not possible to predict what side effects any one person will have. If you have questions or concerns about side effects, talk to your doctor.

For additional prescribing and important safety information, including boxed WARNINGS for Herceptin, please call 800-821-8590 or visit www.herceptin.com.

To connect with another breast cancer survivor, call Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Survivor Helpline at 1-888-753-LBBC (5222) or for additional information visit www.herceptin.com.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Don't Be Fooled By Psoriasis: You Can't Catch It

(NAPSI)-A little knowledge and a bit of forethought can help protect many young-and not-so-young-Americans from a distressing form of discrimination.

The problem is that kids are getting kicked out of swimming pools and other play areas-not because of their behavior, but because of how their skin looks.

These children have psoriasis, a noncontagious, chronic disease of the immune system that appears on the skin causing red, scaly patches. Unfortunately, many of the 7.5 million Americans who have psoriasis face discrimination in public places such as hair salons, gyms and swimming pools because others believe the disease is contagious. And many avoid public situations altogether.

To help, the National Psoriasis Foundation works to break down barriers, raise awareness, dispel myths and educate the public about psoriasis. In a recent survey conducted by the Psoriasis Foundation, one in five people with psoriasis report being denied service at a pool in the past 12 months.

"I have gotten into a hot tub or pool and had adults get out once they saw the scales on my arms or legs," said Ellen Clements, an active volunteer with the National Psoriasis Foundation who was diagnosed with psoriasis in 2005 at age 57. "Even after I tell people they can't catch it, they still make up an excuse and leave."

"Many people assume psoriasis is contagious because of the way it looks, and because of that, people living with the disease often face discrimination," said Randy Beranek, president and CEO of the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Psoriasis Awareness packets, including a fact sheet, posters, postcards and tips, are available for those who would like to participate in raising awareness and educating the public about psoriasis.

To request a packet or for more information, visit www.freetogetinthepool.org or www.psoriasis.org or call (800) 723-9166.

There's no reason to avoid swimming with someone who has psoriasis. The condition is not contagious.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Three Easy Tips For Starting The Week Off Right

GBB Note: We all know moms are their most beautiful when they are smiling and not feeling the stress of the daily juggling routine. Here are some tips for our Georgia moms and dads.

(NAPSI)-It’s 8 a.m. on Monday morning: Do you know where your brain is? Off in a million directions, dealing with questions like “Mom, where’s my…” or “Honey, can you…?” And, like every other day of the week, are you struggling trying to remember who’s supposed to be where, when and why?

“Life has become a constant juggling act and it’s harder than ever to keep all of the balls in the air,” said Lian Dolan, co-host of the “Satellite Sisters” radio show and a mother of two. “But much-needed assistance is only a few minutes away for busy parents.

“With three simple steps, they’ll find that they can manage the madness and make the most of their limited time.”

Step 1--Tune into Technology

Face it, sticky notes and bulky day planners don’t cut it anymore. What’s needed is an online resource to help make sense of it all. For example, MakingLifeBetter.com is a new, free Web site from Unilever that helps moms better manage their lives. It’s packed with family-friendly recipes, beauty advice and hundreds of tips. Best of all, it features a free online organizer from Cozi that manages schedules and activities with a shared family calendar, tracks shopping and to-do lists, and helps families stay in communication, all in one place.

According to Cozi Family Experience Manager Amy Schottenstein, sites like MakingLifeBetter.com and Cozi help busy moms simplify their daily routines so they can enjoy spending more time with their families. “Time is at such a premium today and online resources built for busy families are a helpful way to free people up to do the things they really want to do.”

Step 2--The Power of One

One-dish dinners. One online shopping list. One area for bags, keys, books, equipment, phones. One basket for each family member’s stuff. Whole outfits in one place. Even a one-touch mail delivery system where you take the mail from the mailbox and put it either into the shredder or into the designated family member’s basket will save time and energy and decrease the frustration of losing things in the clutter of a black hole. If you find yourself adding another dish to the menu or putting things into new piles, stop immediately and return to the number one.

Step 3--Just Play

Start the week uncluttered by enlisting little hands to help with cleanup on Sunday night. You can even add this to your Cozi family calendar on MakingLifeBetter.com so everyone in the family can save the date. However, resist the urge to nag or nudge and shift the focus to fun. In under a minute, you can turn a floor full of dirty clothes into a game of H-O-R-S-E basketball, so clothes make their way to the hamper without you. Add a twist to any room with a toy explosion by putting on a timer and calling it “speed demon”--if the room is tidy in five minutes, everyone gets an extra scoop of ice cream. Sunday will be forever known as Funday or Sundae!

These days, when every day of the week is a challenge, the key is to simplify your life with tools that are at your fingertips.

Monday mornings can be easier if you use a handy Web site, MakingLifeBetter.com with Cozi, to coordinate family schedules and find quick, easy meals.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sensationnel's 'Hair Idol ... The Show' Stretches to Bring Glamour Back to the Beauty Industry

GBB Note: Kudos to the Georgia winners!!

PRNewswire/ -- Sensationnel's "Hair Idol The Show" was a big hit at Bronner Brother's International Hair Show in Atlanta. This national competition showcased the latest trends in hairstyles using Sensationnel hair products. An up-and-coming generation of young models took the runway with beautiful hairstyles and glamorous fashions. The competition was a night of fashion trends, featuring the model finalists from 2007, and hairstylist and model teams competing for the 2008 title.

The contestants competed in four categories, three of which were runway competitions. The three runway categories included casual day, dressy evening, and fun & funky. The fourth category was an avant-garde glamour photo competition. The overall winning teams are:

  Overall Winner - Team 2:   Shalynda McKenzie, model, Woodbridge, VA
Adrin "Seven" Washington, hairstylist,
Giavonnis Salon, Upper Marlboro, MD

Second Place - Team 10: Tia'Sharee Wallace, model, Lawrenceville, GA
Derrick "Babyboy" Watson, hairstylist,
Salon Couture, Decatur, GA

Third Place - Team 15: Ambrosia Woods, model, Phoenix, AZ
Madrid Johnson, hairstylist, Madrid
International, Phoenix, AZ

Third Place - Team 15: Ambrosia Woods, model, Phoenix, AZ
Madrid Johnson, hairstylist, Madrid
International, Phoenix, AZ

The first place overall winning model, Shalynda McKenzie, is a native of Dothan, Alabama. She recently was a semi-finalist in Americas Next Top Model. Last year Shalynda and her stylist, Seven, won first place in Glynn Jackson's Super Model of the year award for DC, Maryland and Virginia. She is pursuing a professional modeling career. The first place overall winning hairstylist, Adrin "Seven" Washington, is known for healthy hair. He is a South Carolina native, and holds a Mass Communications degree from Claflin University. His stellar signature styles have found their way to the pages of Vogue, Essence and other leading beauty and fashion magazines as well as Good Morning America, Martha Stewart and Extreme Makeover. Patti La Belle, Chaka Khan and Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson are among his celebrity customers.

The second place overall winning model, Tai'Sheree Wallace, is affectionately referred to by some as "Runway" for her effortless gait. This Detroit native has participated in Fashion Week in New York and graced the cover of Hotlanta. The second place overall winning hairstylist, Derrick "Babyboy" Watson, is a Detroit native and currently owner of Salon Couture. Watson, who has served as an educator for several major hair companies, strives to achieve top quality work and deliver uncompromising service to all his clients. Derrick continues to be an entrepreneur on the move as he expands his business repertoire to include music videos and a growing celebrity clientele.

The third place overall winning model, Ambrosia Woods, is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. She is a customer service representative at Arizona Public Service. Ambrosia is also completing an associate degree in science, and plans to transfer to Spelman College to complete her studies. The third place overall winning hairstylist, Madrid Johnson, is a consummate professional. He is a recognized leader in the world of cosmetology, and one of few elite stylists licensed to practice anywhere in the U.S. Madrid is president of Madrid's International Apprenticeship Training Center, Chairman of the California Hair & Fashion Counsel, Vice-President of the Image Color Counsel, a member of both the National Cosmetology Association's Elite Educators Group and board member of Skyline School of Cosmetology.

  First place winning teams for the individual categories are as follows.

Avant-Garde Glamour - Team 2: Shalynda McKenzie, model, Woodbridge, VA
Adrin "Seven" Washington, hairstylist,
Upper Marlboro, MD

Casual Day - Team 10: Tia'Sharee Wallace, model, Lawrenceville, GA
Derrick "Babyboy" Watson, hairstylist, Salon
Couture, Decatur, GA

Dressy Evening - Team 15: Ambrosia Woods, model, Phoenix, AZ
Madrid Johnson, hairstylist, Madrid
International, Phoenix, AZ

Fun & Funky - Team 2: Shalynda McKenzie, model, Woodbridge, VA
Adrin "Seven" Washington, hairstylist,
Upper Marlboro, MD

Sensationnel's "Hair Idol The Show" was a night for creative hair styles that showed the beauty of Sensationnel's weaves, extensions, wigs, hairpieces, braids and accessories. This competition also gave several local fashion designers the opportunity to showcase their breathtaking creative clothes. Fashion Designers included Ooh La La, The Wilburn Sisters, Jeremiah Odeh, and Dariusm, the featured designer was Bramer Leon. Bre Scullark from America's Next Top Model was the show's model headliner.

Hair Idol gave over $50,000 in cash prizes to winning teams. In addition to cash, the winning model will receive a fashion spread in Upscale Magazine, a one-year modeling contract, and representation from a New York Modeling Agency. The overall winning team selected the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington DC as the charity to receive a $10,000 donation. Sensationnel also paid travel expenses for competing teams and last year's Hair Idol model finalists and the winner to participate.

"Hair Idol The Show" was produced by ConcreteMix22 under the direction of Dennis Shortt. In the 61-year history of Bronner Brothers' International Hair Show, this is the first time an outside company produced the hair show. Before heading his own agency, Dennis co-created and ran Burrell Consumer Promotions Inc., once a subsidiary of Burrell Communications Group.

In addition to Hair Idol, the Bronner Brothers Hair Show included over 300 exhibitors, over 120 advanced seminars, specialized boot camps, hands-on workshops, an all-new "Cuttin Up Comedy" show, other entertainment with celebrities and Sunday Morning Service. Bronner Brothers is an Atlanta-based company that has been celebrating beauty for over 61 years. Namaste Labs, makers of Weave Rx and Olive Oil, joined Bronner Brothers as the exclusive product sponsor for Sensationnel's "Hair Idol The Show."

Sensationnel was founded on the principles of creating innovative, premium quality hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs to address the needs of professional stylists and consumers worldwide. Sensationnel's hair products are sold in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Australia. The company's brands include Goddess, Kanubia, Instant Weave, Pro10 and Premium Collection. Fact sheets, photos and related information can be provided upon request. Additional information about Bronner Brothers, Sensationnel and "Hair Idol The Show" can be found at www.bronnerbros.com, www.sensationnel.com and www.sensationnel.com/hairidol08.


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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Most Effective Ways to Treat and Prevent Acne

(ARA) – Image is everything for a lot of guys. Whether you want to look good for a date, impress the ladies at the nightclub or present a professional image in the workplace, the last thing you need is for a pimple to appear on your face.

Whether you’re 25 or 45, it’s bound to happen though. Just by their very nature, guys are prone to pimples. They spend a lot of time at the gym, which is a hot, humid environment; and they’re pretty active so they sweat a lot. When sweat combines with skin oils, dirt and bacteria get trapped in the pores, often leading to blackheads and pimples.

But there are things you can do to minimize the appearance of facial blemishes. If you aren’t doing so already, take these preventive measures:

* Drink plenty of water.
Staying hydrated (drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily) helps detoxify the body from the inside out.

* Exercise regularly.
This will increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the skin, which may help with acne prevention.

* Shower immediately after sweating.
This will prevent dirt and bacteria that gets trapped in the pores from turning into pimples.

Even if you follow this process religiously, there always seem to be some pimples you can’t prevent. Once those appear, you may be tempted to slather on creams and gels. Yet often times these determined pimples seem almost topical resistant. Even the best known topical brands are inconvenient to use, seem to take a long time to penetrate into the skin, and can often lead to discoloration or irritation.

Prominent dermatologists have found that the most effective way to treat acne is with heat, a practice almost as old as time. Today the celebrity jet setters use ‘laser’, ‘light’, or the latest, Thermal Pulse Technology, to improve the skin clearing effects of heat. But it all started centuries ago when people would travel to volcanic sulfer springs and submerge their bodies in the hot water to cure their acne. People don’t do that anymore, but in Russia, teenagers have been known to place extinguished cigarette butts on their pimples to make them go away. In Argentina, they’ll rub a ring until it gets warm then place it on the blemish.

“We have things a lot easier here in the United States,” says Luiz Da Silva, inventor of ThermaClear, an FDA-cleared professional grade medical device that’s now approved for personal in-home use. “We’ve been able to take the tried and true anti-bacterial benefit of heat and improve its effect and application using highly advanced pulse technology similar to laser. The result – faster, clearer skin at the touch of a button. It’s truly amazing.”

What makes ThermaClear so effective is its proprietary Thermal Pulse Technology that neutralizes acne causing bacteria, using a unique “Two Second” treatment application time. The device is able to quickly treat visible surface blemishes, as well as those blemishes that are beginning to form deep down under the skin, and neutralize them before they ever surface.

To use, simply turn on the device, place the treatment tip on your pimple and press the pulse button to send healing thermal energy directly where the bacteria is forming. “This neutralizes the bacteria so it ceases to multiply, and allows your body to win the war against the blemish. Treatment time is only two seconds per pimple,” says Da Silva.

In an FDA-reviewed clinical study, ThermaClear was proven to treat pimples quickly, safely and effectively, clearing pimples in as little as 24 hours. Available without a prescription for home use, ThermaClear gives you a fast, easy and affordable professional grade treatment for pimples and breakouts. And unlike those old-fashioned treatments, you don’t have to keep buying a new supply or new expensive components every few weeks, since this device can be used over and over again without any monthly tip replacement.

Log on to www.acneheattreatment.com for more information about the device or to place an order.

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