Friday, May 29, 2009

Beauty: Not Just Skin Deep

(NAPSI)-Is it really possible to make yourself 20 percent more beautiful by changing the way you look at yourself in the mirror? The answer is yes. Clinical and psychological studies prove that women find themselves 20 percent less attractive than others perceive them. This is because when looking in the mirror, women are not taking into account the personality, charisma, kindness, empathy, intellect or talent that they exhibit to others.

"There are many definitions of beauty and many ways to be beautiful," says Los Angeles based dermatologist and co-author of "The Beauty Prescription," Dr. Debra Luftman. "You cannot alter your genetic makeup, but you can change the way you care for your appearance."

In the book, Dr. Luftman shares practical tips called "beauty boosters." These tips encourage women to feel beautiful inside and out.

Beauty Booster No. 1: Fake It Until You Make It. Eye contact and smiling in social situations are simple ways a woman can enhance the way she looks and feels. However, conveying confidence through body language can be intimidating, especially for women who are emotional sweaters. In fact, one in four women mentions that she worries about excessive underarm wetness, which can affect self-confidence and hinder social interaction. Dr. Luftman suggests a dermatologist-recommended clinical strength antiperspirant/deodorant to combat excessive wetness. "Dove Clinical Protection delivers prescription strength wetness protection without a prescription. It combines 24-hour odor and wetness protection and exceptional skin care benefits to provide women with the ultimate combination of strength and beauty."

Beauty Booster No. 2: Change Is Good. Seek new experiences and keep yourself open to change-enroll in a challenging aerobics class, try a different hair color or cultivate a passion for something new, like gardening or volunteering. Feeling excited about new opportunities and challenges will provide a sense of joy and ultimately enhance your inner beauty.

Beauty Booster No. 3: Stop Obsessing. Negative, self-critical obsessing not only affects women internally, it affects them externally, too. It can often be seen in the form of frowns or other disheartening expressions, which is unattractive on even the most beautiful women. Instead, during interactions, focus on others and think about ways to make them feel good. Offer up a compliment or mention something positive in conversation to help generate positive thinking.

Beauty Booster No. 4: The Eyes Have It. Eyes communicate emotions like no other part of the face, so it is important to care for them. Circles under the eyes are generally caused by an increase in skin pigment or high vein visibility, due to genetics or inflammation. Use cold compresses of green tea bags to help alleviate vascular congestion and inflammation. Then use an eye cream with hyaluronic acid to hydrate sunken eyes and decrease the appearance of crow's-feet.

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