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6 summer wardrobe essentials every woman needs

(ARA) - Are the warm rays of the sun inspiring your inner fashionista? Summer is the perfect season to jazz up your wardrobe with fun and fashionable items that make you look great. But how do you know where to start in a fashion world that offers endless possibilities?

When it comes down to it, there are some things that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Here are the top six items that will make you look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine this summer:

1. Sunglasses
A good set of shades is an essential that is fashionable and functional. Helping protect your eyes from the sun's harsh rays, sunglasses can also provide a fun summer look. What types never go out of style? Some options with fashion-longevity include aviator glasses (also known as pilot shades) that have metal frames and reflective lenses, as well as over-sized options often seen on celebrities.

2. Shawl
Having a fun colored wrap or shawl can serve multiple purposes throughout the summer. For example, pashmina-style shawls offer a look that is appropriate as a shoulder wrap at a wedding, but also could be tied around the waist as an impromptu cover-up at the beach. Are you chilled? It can add a bit of warmth. Is it too sunny? It provides protection from sunburn. Really, it provides style and function for just about any situation summer can throw at you, plus it's small enough to be stashed away in a bag if not needed.

3. Pearl necklace
Pearls are the quintessential summer accessory for many reasons. They remind us of the water and are produced by nature, plus, they are the traditional birth stone for June. The best part of having pearls in your wardrobe is their versatility -- they add style to your ribbed tank and jean outfit or jazz up your black dress for a night on the town. Want to truly add some summer pizzazz? PearlParadise.com notes that pearls in fun colors like pink, gold, blue and lavender are popular during the summer season, as well as unique shapes like baroque, drop and keshi Tahitian pearls.

4. Strappy sandals
Whether heeled or flat, show off those toes with a great pair of strappy sandals. Open shoes look great and help keep your body temperature down during hot summer days. Colored leather straps are popular and stylish during the summer season, but you can also find options in natural woven materials. Having a couple pair isn't a bad idea -- maybe one flat and one high-heel, or one casual and one dressier. Whatever route you go, you'll be sure to get use out of these the entire season.

5. Earrings
Earrings bring focus to the face and enhance a person's eyes. That's why so many people feel "naked" if they don't have earrings on. For summer, opt for pearl or stone earrings -- or better yet, a combo of both. According to Pearl-Guide.com, Akoya Pearls are very popular for use in jewelry because of their consistently round shape. Studs, drop-downs and drop-downs with diamond accents are all great summertime options. When the sun hits them, your face will sparkle with true style.

6. Wide-brim hat
A good hat can be a great addition to your favorite summer dress and also be your best friend on a sunny day at the beach. Wide-brimmed hats are popular during the summer time because of their style and how they protect the face from wrinkle-inducing rays. A straight, stiff brim often made from natural fibers like raffia or straw provides a more formal, tailored look. Flexible, shapeable brims often made of cotton or linen have a more casual feel.

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