Saturday, September 5, 2009

Colorful Trends Turn Up The Heat

(NAPSI)-The weather may be cooling down, but fashion trends for the fall are turning up the heat. This season is all about neon accents and make-a-statement looks. Here's the inside scoop on this season's must-have trends.

• Neon rocks the fingertips. The '80s are back, with neon colors spotted on virtually every runway. For those who are a little more girl next door and a little less queen of the catwalk, it's still possible to embrace the latest trends. Start small by rocking a neon shade on your fingertips. The China Glaze nail polish line carries great, bright colors like Neon Purple Panic, Neon In Lime Light and Neon Turned Up Turquoise. Besides being a major trend, a glance at colorful nails is a quick way to pump up your mood as the weather turns dreary.

• The eyes have it for drama. This season, for eyes, the rule of thumb is the more dramatic, the better. Gray, smoky, come-hither eyes are a must, especially when topped off with a great set of lashes. Individual lash application can be tricky, so for the nonprofessional, strip lashes are the way to go. Use an understated set of Ardell strip lashes to add oomph without looking overdone.

• Add new colors for a new look. For the adventurous, colorful eye shadow will wow. With a big statement, it is especially important to test out a few shades until you find one that works for you. Sally Girl has a huge variety, and since they are inexpensive, it's easy to try a few different shades without spending big bucks.

• Update your hairstyle. Still growing out your 2008 bob haircut? Update the style by adding curls and waves with a mini flat iron. It's simple to do and produces curls that are edgier and more modern looking than those made with a curling iron.

Ernie McCraw is a licensed cosmetologist and director of beauty education for Sally Beauty Supply, the world's largest retailer of professional beauty products. With more than 25 years in the beauty industry, Ernie has expertise in all phases of cosmetology. If you have a beauty question, please e-mail Ernie at To find a Sally store near you, call 1 (800) ASK-SALLY or go to

by Ernie McCraw

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