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Get Your Eyes in Shape for Summer with the Right Eyewear

ARA - Along with new flip-flops, a sundress and swimsuit, most people will be looking for a trendy new pair of sunglasses this summer. Of course, when choosing new shades, there are many things to consider -- size, shape, color, design -- but what many people neglect to consider is getting the best lenses.

Fashion can meet function this summer by adding a healthy dose of wellness and prevention to the search for the perfect shades. It’s even more important than smart style to choose high-quality lenses. At any age, but particularly after the age of 40, eye protection and quality sun lenses are necessary.

Style expert and host of the Style Network’s top-rated show “How Do I Look?” Finola Hughes, says her best accessory this year is eyewear. “Sunglasses can finish off a look and make anyone feel stylish and hip, but it’s important to pick the right sunwear frames for your face and age,” Hughes says. “This summer I added a great pair of white and black buckle designer sunglasses to my wardrobe, but I made sure they were fitted with Varilux polarized with Crizal Sun lenses.”

Premium lenses provide complete protection form UV rays, along with better vision, reduced glare, sharper images and improved depth-perception. Some lenses like new Crizal Sun Mirrors offer 100 percent protection from UV rays and feature a brilliant, mirrored front side, dual-sided and fully-integrated scratch protection, and super-hydrophobic properties. Most people take care to prevent sun damage with sunscreen, so it’s important to take the same preventative measures when it comes to eyes.

When choosing new summer specs, consider the following from Hughes:

* Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with polarized sunglass lenses, like Varilux with Crizal Sun lenses. Your eyes don’t need to suffer to be fashionable -- most designer frames can be outfitted with a high-quality lens.

* Classic sunglass frame styles that are essential to complete any wardrobe are wayfarers, aviators, large tortoiseshell and square black -- they will take you from season to season.

* Choose the right frames for your face by concentrating on color and size. Pay attention to your complexion; if you have a pale or sallow complexion, find a good shade to complement it, like a warm brown or amber. Conversely, if you have a darker or olive complexion, hit the reds and pinks, they will look luscious next to your skin.

* Above all else, always be sure to line the top of your sunglass frames with your eyebrows -- nobody wants to resemble a bug.

* If you’re in your 20s and 30s, experiment with trendier fun styles. For 40 and up, have fun in a more artistic fashion by choosing frames that are clever and architectural.

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