Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vibrant Nation Celebrates Health and Beauty for Boomer Women with Anne Kreamer and Janice Taylor

BUSINESS WIRE--Vibrant Nation, a social recommendation website for accomplished boomer women over 50, this week features interviews with authors and experts who offer special insights on health and beauty for women during the second half of life.

For the 50 million women over 50, their perspective on health and beauty is more about acceptance than self criticism; they want to look their best, but they also want to do so with authenticity, creativity and humor. These women look to their peers for inspiration and support; and they know that no one can answer their important questions better than women like them.

With that in mind, the following Vibrant Nation members address health and beauty with the following contributions:

  • An interview with Anne Kreamer, author of Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Matters. In a varied career, Kreamer co-produced Sesame Street; helped launch SPY magazine; served as Worldwide Creative Director for Nickolodeon; and then became a columnist for Martha Stewart Living, MORE and Fast Company as well as a blogger for Yahoo! Health. In our interview, Kreamer tells of her unexpected personal, professional and cultural adventure when she decided to stop dying her hair.
  • Author and artist Janice Taylor shares a fresh and deliriously humorous approach to weight loss and creativity. Her most recent book, All is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Losss 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville, is due out later this month
  • Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen, director of the New York Menopause Center and a gynecologist affiliated with New York-Presbyterian Hospital, shares a list of the top questions women entering menopause should ask their gynecologists.
  • Diana Rowden, Vice President of Health Sciences at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, recommends her list of the most reliable websites for womens health information.

According to Stephen Reily, founder of Vibrant Nation, These remarkable women have all developed new careers in the second half of their lives, and their perspective on health and beauty is typical of them and their peers. They know that real beauty comes from authenticity, and that most reliable information comes from women like them. These values are also the same values I created Vibrant Nation to embrace.

Both Janice Taylor and Anne Kreamer are great communicators and connectors, Reily added. They illustrate all the great things we know women in their 50s and 60s are doing, but you dont see companies talking to these women in a way that shows an understanding for them or the vibrant lives they lead.

Vibrant Nation celebrates the independence, interests and potential of accomplished women over 50, giving them a forum to ask and answer questions from their peers, and connecting each other to the best resources to get the most out of life. The concept began with the realization that there has never before been a group of women like this: Todays women over 50 have more money and power and are expected to live longer than women of previous generations. Over a 10-year period ending in 2010, the 55 to 64-year old population will grow 48% with a significant female skew. In addition, consumers 50+ own up to 80% of the nations financial assets and control 50% of the discretionary spending, spending 2.5 times as much as younger consumers on a per capita basis. Nevertheless, marketers continue to under-recognize their value and potential.

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