Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bra Basics: Experts Share Fit Tips

(NAPSI)-Finding intimate apparel to fit and flatter may be easier with a few tips from the experts.

To help you find a great-fitting bra, Don Allen, Warner’s intimate apparel designer, offers a few strategies:

• If you are smaller busted and need a bit of lift, look for a bra with “light lift” or a push-up. These bras have padding on the bottom or side cup and add lift to fill the cup. A fuller-busted woman wearing the same bra will have a more dramatic cleavage display.

• Today’s busy women with active lifestyles have new options in underwire. Warner’s new Elements of BlissWire™ bra features a soft underwire that provides true comfort and support with fit and flexibility. The underwire casing features three layers of fabric for increased softness. Light contour cups offer great shaping without show-through.

• If you experience “double-bubble”--breast tissue spilling out over the front edge of the bra and at your underarm--you may be wearing an incorrect cup size. Try the next cup size up. A good check would be to try your bra on under a snug T-shirt. If your breast tissue isn’t contained to your bra and it’s apparent under the shirt, then you chose the incorrect cup size.

• If you are “shallow in the bust” and you experience an open, hollow area inside your bra where the strap attaches to the cup, choose a bra with a pared-down style, such as a semi-demi. If you have a full, rounded bust, choose a full-coverage bra that will contain your entire bust without any “double-bubble” effect.

• When choosing a strapless bra, your bust should comfortably fit into the cups without any gaping or spilling over, the center of the bra should lay flat against your body, and the back panel should sit comfortably and straight across your back. A back-close bra has three adjustments.

For more information on the latest innovations and styles in bras, visit www.warners.com.

The design of underwire bras has evolved greatly. New styles provide true comfort, support, fit and flexibility for busy women.

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