Monday, August 11, 2008

Three Easy Tips For Starting The Week Off Right

GBB Note: We all know moms are their most beautiful when they are smiling and not feeling the stress of the daily juggling routine. Here are some tips for our Georgia moms and dads.

(NAPSI)-It’s 8 a.m. on Monday morning: Do you know where your brain is? Off in a million directions, dealing with questions like “Mom, where’s my…” or “Honey, can you…?” And, like every other day of the week, are you struggling trying to remember who’s supposed to be where, when and why?

“Life has become a constant juggling act and it’s harder than ever to keep all of the balls in the air,” said Lian Dolan, co-host of the “Satellite Sisters” radio show and a mother of two. “But much-needed assistance is only a few minutes away for busy parents.

“With three simple steps, they’ll find that they can manage the madness and make the most of their limited time.”

Step 1--Tune into Technology

Face it, sticky notes and bulky day planners don’t cut it anymore. What’s needed is an online resource to help make sense of it all. For example, is a new, free Web site from Unilever that helps moms better manage their lives. It’s packed with family-friendly recipes, beauty advice and hundreds of tips. Best of all, it features a free online organizer from Cozi that manages schedules and activities with a shared family calendar, tracks shopping and to-do lists, and helps families stay in communication, all in one place.

According to Cozi Family Experience Manager Amy Schottenstein, sites like and Cozi help busy moms simplify their daily routines so they can enjoy spending more time with their families. “Time is at such a premium today and online resources built for busy families are a helpful way to free people up to do the things they really want to do.”

Step 2--The Power of One

One-dish dinners. One online shopping list. One area for bags, keys, books, equipment, phones. One basket for each family member’s stuff. Whole outfits in one place. Even a one-touch mail delivery system where you take the mail from the mailbox and put it either into the shredder or into the designated family member’s basket will save time and energy and decrease the frustration of losing things in the clutter of a black hole. If you find yourself adding another dish to the menu or putting things into new piles, stop immediately and return to the number one.

Step 3--Just Play

Start the week uncluttered by enlisting little hands to help with cleanup on Sunday night. You can even add this to your Cozi family calendar on so everyone in the family can save the date. However, resist the urge to nag or nudge and shift the focus to fun. In under a minute, you can turn a floor full of dirty clothes into a game of H-O-R-S-E basketball, so clothes make their way to the hamper without you. Add a twist to any room with a toy explosion by putting on a timer and calling it “speed demon”--if the room is tidy in five minutes, everyone gets an extra scoop of ice cream. Sunday will be forever known as Funday or Sundae!

These days, when every day of the week is a challenge, the key is to simplify your life with tools that are at your fingertips.

Monday mornings can be easier if you use a handy Web site, with Cozi, to coordinate family schedules and find quick, easy meals.

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