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The Most Effective Ways to Treat and Prevent Acne

(ARA) – Image is everything for a lot of guys. Whether you want to look good for a date, impress the ladies at the nightclub or present a professional image in the workplace, the last thing you need is for a pimple to appear on your face.

Whether you’re 25 or 45, it’s bound to happen though. Just by their very nature, guys are prone to pimples. They spend a lot of time at the gym, which is a hot, humid environment; and they’re pretty active so they sweat a lot. When sweat combines with skin oils, dirt and bacteria get trapped in the pores, often leading to blackheads and pimples.

But there are things you can do to minimize the appearance of facial blemishes. If you aren’t doing so already, take these preventive measures:

* Drink plenty of water.
Staying hydrated (drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily) helps detoxify the body from the inside out.

* Exercise regularly.
This will increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the skin, which may help with acne prevention.

* Shower immediately after sweating.
This will prevent dirt and bacteria that gets trapped in the pores from turning into pimples.

Even if you follow this process religiously, there always seem to be some pimples you can’t prevent. Once those appear, you may be tempted to slather on creams and gels. Yet often times these determined pimples seem almost topical resistant. Even the best known topical brands are inconvenient to use, seem to take a long time to penetrate into the skin, and can often lead to discoloration or irritation.

Prominent dermatologists have found that the most effective way to treat acne is with heat, a practice almost as old as time. Today the celebrity jet setters use ‘laser’, ‘light’, or the latest, Thermal Pulse Technology, to improve the skin clearing effects of heat. But it all started centuries ago when people would travel to volcanic sulfer springs and submerge their bodies in the hot water to cure their acne. People don’t do that anymore, but in Russia, teenagers have been known to place extinguished cigarette butts on their pimples to make them go away. In Argentina, they’ll rub a ring until it gets warm then place it on the blemish.

“We have things a lot easier here in the United States,” says Luiz Da Silva, inventor of ThermaClear, an FDA-cleared professional grade medical device that’s now approved for personal in-home use. “We’ve been able to take the tried and true anti-bacterial benefit of heat and improve its effect and application using highly advanced pulse technology similar to laser. The result – faster, clearer skin at the touch of a button. It’s truly amazing.”

What makes ThermaClear so effective is its proprietary Thermal Pulse Technology that neutralizes acne causing bacteria, using a unique “Two Second” treatment application time. The device is able to quickly treat visible surface blemishes, as well as those blemishes that are beginning to form deep down under the skin, and neutralize them before they ever surface.

To use, simply turn on the device, place the treatment tip on your pimple and press the pulse button to send healing thermal energy directly where the bacteria is forming. “This neutralizes the bacteria so it ceases to multiply, and allows your body to win the war against the blemish. Treatment time is only two seconds per pimple,” says Da Silva.

In an FDA-reviewed clinical study, ThermaClear was proven to treat pimples quickly, safely and effectively, clearing pimples in as little as 24 hours. Available without a prescription for home use, ThermaClear gives you a fast, easy and affordable professional grade treatment for pimples and breakouts. And unlike those old-fashioned treatments, you don’t have to keep buying a new supply or new expensive components every few weeks, since this device can be used over and over again without any monthly tip replacement.

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