Friday, December 12, 2008

Party Hair: Easier Than You Think

(NAPSI)-Adding that special something to transform everyday ordinary hair to extraordinary is easier-and less expensive-than you might imagine.

First, "get inspired by trend-setting red carpet styles like Beyoncé's" recommends Rachel Hayes, beauty editor.

According to Hayes, you can reinvent and refresh a simple half-up style by creating dramatic volume in front. This romantic look balances long hair and creates a dramatic, sophisticated contrast for special events.

Styling this look is easy and affordable since all you'll need is a brush, a comb and a few easy tips.

• Hayes suggests isolating a halo section of hair in front to start. Using a tight-toothed comb, backcomb 2-inch sections at a time in short strokes along the back section down toward the scalp.

• Finish the look by smoothing it with a natural-bristle brush. Crisscross 2-inch sections on either side; pin into place.

VoilĂ -instant romance and glamour!

Try the look on yourself by uploading a photo at, a virtual makeover site, and read more expert how-to's.

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