Monday, January 19, 2009

Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

(NAPSI)-Every woman has committed at least one fashion faux pas at some point in her life. Most are smart enough to acknowledge their mistake, take a moment to cringe and then swear to never do it again. Others, though, just keep right on mixing paisleys with stripes while their friends snicker.

Regardless of which group you fall into, a few tips from celebrity stylist Jorge Ramon can help keep you looking your best:

• Jean Queen-When sizing up jeans, remember this rule of thumb: Your back pockets should be about the size of your hand. Any smaller and they'll make your backside look bigger. Also, avoid detailing that could add width or bulk, and-no less important-keep in mind that uniform, dark washes de-emphasize curvier figures.

• Tight Squeeze-Yes, we know, the smug factor of being able to tell everyone you're wearing a size 4 is incredible-unless you're actually a size 8. Which is to say: People notice how your clothes fit, not what size they are. So forget the number on the tag and buy only what looks good on you. If your shirt is pulling at the chest or your pants pockets are puckering, that means they're too small.

• Staying Youthful-Like skin, clothes need to be kept looking "young." There are two new products out there called Tide Total Care and Downy Total Care, a detergent and a fabric softener that help keep your clothes looking like new. By combining the best of beauty and fabric care technologies, these products help protect the color and shape of clothing, wash after wash and wear after wear.

• Stand Tall-Make your legs look longer by having the hem of your pants fall to the top of your foot, covering most of your heel in back. And remember to show up at the tailor in the shoes you wear most often when you have pants hemmed.

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