Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Key to Healthy Aging for Men

(ARA) - It’s no secret men are living longer, working later into life and taking on more roles than ever before. Understandably, men are also looking to improve and prolong their health and happiness with preventive steps to achieve a higher quality of life. And with notions of age changing rapidly, the best way to stay healthy is to focus on the whole body.

“Men of past generations invoked a ‘fix what’s broken’ mentality and that mindset is as ineffective for health as it is for a car,” says Dr. Marcus Laux, a naturopathic physician and health science advisor to LIFE SPAN labs. “Physical, emotional and sexual well-being are all interconnected and a whole-body approach is the best way to ensure a man’s health is running on all cylinders.”

Dr. Laux offers the following tips to keep men aging healthy:

* Weigh your options -- Getting your weight under control can go a long way in improving your overall health. It takes pressure off of the cardiovascular system, as well as joints. Men with a waist 42-inches or more are also at a 50 percent greater risk for diminished sexual ability. Practice the rewards of eating to live and you will live well at a healthy weight.

* Move like your life depends on it -- Exercise is nature’s champion of health. It lowers stress, strengthens the body’s ability to repair itself, supports healthy blood flow and it can even help improve your mood. Regular exercise is best, so make sure you incorporate enjoyable activities and mix up your routine to avoid boredom and burnout. Whether that means finding a fitness partner or getting the guys together to play a regular game of basketball, just make sure to keep moving.

* It’s not just what you eat, but what’s eating at you -- Distress is a true crippler and, if left unchecked, a killer. It affects every aspect of your well-being, accelerates problems, prevents normal healing and generates excessive free radicals -- which ages your body prematurely. Everyone experiences stress, but if it’s used as a motivator to eat well or exercise more, it can be a catalyst for improving overall health.

* Smoking is a smoking gun -- Smoking not only exposes you to seemingly endless documented health risks, but it is also one of the most adverse factors in sexual health. It only takes two cigarettes a day to negatively affect your drive, and that’s not taking into account the unpleasant breath and dulled smile incurred by regular smoking.

* Reconnect with your partner – Married men generally live longer than their single counterparts, and an invigorating relationship can add even more joy to those extra years. While the last couple of decades may have been spent putting the family before your relationship with your partner, re-embrace the importance of anniversaries, date nights and other romantic occasions. Be proactive about improving sexual health, an issue that’s common as we age. Daily supplements like 112 Degrees can provide men with a safe option for improving this important part of life.

It takes dedication to stay in good physical condition, watch what you eat and drink, get plenty of rest and manage stress in your life. However, committing to even a few simple changes can significantly improve your physical, emotional and sexual well-being. With abundant warm weather and plenty of outdoor activities to get you started, it’s the perfect time to get on track and in the field.

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