Friday, June 6, 2008

A Parent’s Tips For A Head Lice-Free Summer

NAPSI-Lice can strike at any time of the year. But as summer camp season draws near and children spend more time in close quarters, the odds of our little ones becoming infested with lice tend to increase. To prevent lice from ruining your summer and that of your child, Leanne Preston, mom and CEO of Wild Child, maker of Quit Nits, shares some of her tips for a head lice-free summer:

The Facts of Lice: Essential Head Lice Tips for Parents

1. Start from scratch. Before camp begins, check your child for lice and nits.

If your child has lice, a close examination of his or her hair and scalp will reveal white or grayish crawling forms, about the size of a sesame seed with legs (lice), and yellowish-white eggs (nits) attached to the hair shafts close to the scalp. The eggs can sometimes be mistaken for dandruff or shampoo residue that will not wash off. However, unlike dandruff, which moves when touched, nits and lice will stick to hair. You may also see red bite or scratch marks on the back of the neck.

2. If you find lice, don’t panic!

• Wash your hands and child’s hands and nails thoroughly, getting under the nails, as some lice may be found there due to scratching.

• Treat infested family members at the same time. There are many treatment options; however, it is important to know that the current leading lice treatments contain toxic chemicals that can be potentially harmful. Wild Child’s Quit Nits is a safe treatment that has been found to be more effective than most other treatments. Quit Nits is so gentle it can even be used on pregnant and nursing moms.* The Quit Nits Complete Lice Kit includes everything you need-two tubes of Lice Treatment Cream to treat your child’s infestation and one Everyday Lice Preventative Spray to help prevent infestation and reinfestation.

• Prevent reinfestation. To prevent the spread of head lice, you should ask your child to not share personal items such as combs, brushes and hair accessories, and to not try on hats that belong to other children. In addition, Quit Nits Everyday Lice Preventative Spray, the first of its kind, is a spray that prevents infestation and reinfestation by creating an unfriendly environment for lice.

• Inform the camp director that you have treated your child for lice.

3. If you don’t find any lice, keep them away by telling your child not to share the following personal items and make sure you pack:

• A personal brush or comb

• Your child’s hat

• Quit Nits Everyday Lice Preventative Spray.

• If the camp includes sleepaways, also pack a personal sleeping bag/blanket, pillow and pillowcase, towels and washcloths.

The Wild Child Story

Ten years ago, following the unpleasant discovery that her youngest daughter had head lice, Leanne Preston was horrified to learn that the most-common treatment for head lice was a shampoo containing toxic chemicals that can be harmful.

After a period of intensive research, Wild Child developed a safe, nontoxic and scientifically proven head lice treatment made from natural actives from the Australian outback. The treatment does not require painful combing, which is a big relief for both parents and children. Today, Quit Nits is a best seller in Australia and Europe. And now this product is available in the U.S., over the counter at CVS/ pharmacy nationwide. Learn more at

*People with a history of allergy to essential oils should consult a physician prior to use.

Leanne Preston, CEO and founder of Wild Child, began her quest to find a natural alternative to the current toxic head lice treatments 10 years ago.

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Joeffrey said...

My daughter always using hairspray and after a few months she complained that her scalp became itchy...i think it’s the head lice attacking her hair. I think it’s the kind of hair spray or hair spray can attract head? Is there any head lice treatment. My daughter always using hairspray and after a few months she complained that her scalp became thinks it’s the head lice attacking her hair. I think it’s the kind of hair spray or hair spray can attract head lice treatment ?