Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summerize Your Skin

(NAPSI)-No woman wants to waste precious time on beauty routines during the warmer months. That’s why Ladies’ Home Journal, celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, shares quick tips to make you look and feel prettier this summer.

• Feeling hot and sticky from too much time in the sun? Feet dusty from wearing sandals? Pack portable mists, cleaning wipes and cooling gels to create a mini oasis.

• Want smoother, firmer, sexier skin fast? Bring radiance to arms, shoulders and décolletage with a grainy scrub during your shower routine.

• Need sun protection? Besides moisturizers with SPF, consider a T-shirt or hat that screens out the sun and check the fabric’s ultraviolet protection factor. You can also wash clothes with additives that boost UPF.

• Feeling not-so-fresh with summer sweat? Wash daily with anti-bacterial soap, wear natural fibers, and opt for solid antiperspirant deodorant applied to dry skin.

For more tips to make every season more beautiful, visit www.lhj.com.

More beauty tips can be found in the June issue of the magazine or at LHJ.com.

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