Monday, September 29, 2008

Kissing Unlocks Powerful Benefits

(NAPSI)-Locking lips, making out, smooching or tonsil hockey. No matter what name Americans call it, kissing is an essential part of everyday life, according to a new nationwide study by William Cane, cultural anthropologist and author of "The Art of Kissing," in collaboration with NIVEA Lip Care.

Why are kisses so essential for Americans? A great kiss has the power to elevate one's mood and release a host of positive biological effects. Almost half of Americans surveyed said a kiss is the best way to lift their spirits after a bad day.

In contrast, less than a third of the respondents said the same about popular stress-busting activities such as sleeping, exercising or watching TV. In addition, nearly all Americans agree that a morning kiss from a loved one is the best way to start the day.

"Such positive aftereffects are the result of an increase in levels of neurotransmitters that brighten mood and induce euphoria and a reduction in stress hormones, all physiological changes that occur during kisses," says Cane.

Almost 94 percent of Americans say they've had more than just a romantic kiss: They've been lucky enough to experience a truly great one. However, the impact of a great kiss differs by gender. Seven in 10 men say that a great kiss could actually make a relationship if they just started dating someone, compared to 55 percent of women who say the same. Even more so, men are willing to go the distance for a great kiss. Over 51 percent of men say they've gone to extreme lengths to secure one compared to 31 percent of women. But women love to dish the juicy details of a good make-out session to friends. Fifty-eight percent of women admit that after a really great kiss they've told a friend, family member or even their ex.

The one thing that both men and women agree on is that the key component to a great kiss is good-looking, kissable lips. Nearly half of Americans find dry or chapped lips a total turnoff while 68 percent of Americans say that when they are attracted to someone they would like to kiss, nice-looking lips are important.

William Cane has the following tips to help everyone be a kissing pro:

Relax and Be Confident: Confidence plays a key role in your kissing approach. You should relax your mouth and begin kissing your partner's lips softly, then with more intensity.

Get Creative: Kissing is supposed to be fun, and a great kisser is one who experiments. Try different angles and different levels of pressure to give your partner a sweet surprise.

Keep Lips Moisturized: Chapped lips are an instant turn-off. Keep lips fully moisturized with the help of a beauty product such as NIVEA A Kiss of Moisture-Hydrating Lip Care SPF4 to ensure that lips are always smooch ready.

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