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Common Questions about Restylane

/24-7/ -- What is Restylane?

Restylane has become the preferred treatment for most common types of facial wrinkles. These include crow's feet, naso-labial wrinkles, and wrinkles that result from sun damage and other effects of aging. Restylane is an injectable filler, which sets it apart from injectable chemical blockers such as Botox. The active ingredient in Restylane is hyaluronic acid, a compound found naturally in the body. However, Restylane is not derived from another organism as Botox is. Restylane works well for getting rid of many types of facial wrinkles, specifically those that are not caused by muscle contracture. It is also commonly used in lip augmentation.

Is Restylane safe?

Yes, it is safe. In fact, every human has some amount of hyaluronic acid in his or her body. It is one of the compounds that add volume and fullness to the skin.

What is the procedure like?

Your treatment will involve your cosmetic surgeon injecting small amounts of the gel into your skin. This can take as little as a few minutes, or up to an hour, depending on the size of the area needing treatment. Most procedures can be done during the course of a lunch break. You may experience minor amounts of swelling and discoloration following your treatment, but this should pass within a couple of days.

When used for lip augmentation, the gel is injected into the inside of the upper or lower lip, and also along the lip line. This helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the small wrinkle lines around the edges of the lips.

How long will it take the results to show?

You will notice an improvement immediately as the injection lifts and smoothes out the wrinkle, though it takes a few days before the final result is apparent.

Is Restylane permanent?

Restylane injections are not permanent, but you can expect your treatment to last up to six months. Most Restylane patients have the procedure done twice a year. Those who do not continue with follow-up treatments will find their treated areas returning to their pre-treatment state.

What are the advantages of Restylane over other treatment options?

Restylane has been found to last longer than earlier treatment methods such as fat and collagen injections.

Source: Randall B. Weil M.D.
San Francisco, CA

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