Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift System Is the New $30 Alternative to Botox

/PRNewswire/ -- University Medical Pharmaceuticals, a leading developer and distributor of medically developed and efficacy-based skin and beauty care products, today announced the launch of its newest product, the WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift System(TM). Now available at more than 35,000 mass market retail locations throughout the U.S., the WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift System is a safe and affordable non-surgical alternative to costly, invasive and painful cosmetic procedures.

Using a scientific process called "Iontophoresis," the patented micro-charged eye patch activates on contact with the skin to gently push Retinol 4x(TM) activating serum deep into the skin to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in only 20 minutes. In order to maintain results between WrinkleFree Eyes patch treatments, the two-week starter kit includes the daily 24 Hour Face Lift(TM) dermal filler which continually releases hyaluronic acid to naturally fill in gaps and decrease the look of wrinkles and enhance smoothness and elasticity as well as WrinkleFree Eyes' patented nightly Retinol 4x intensive cream which is time-released so it is four times stronger, yet significantly less irritating than leading retinol treatments.

Product benefits include:

-- Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle appearance up to 85% in only 20
-- Each eye patch treatment lasts up to one week
-- Features micro-charged "Iontophoresis" technology which is a gentle
trans-dermal process that activates on contact with skin to deliver
Retinol 4x deeper and faster
-- Affordable, non-invasive topical treatment

"We are thrilled to launch the WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift System in order to provide an easy-to-use and affordable alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures," said Ray Francis, president and CEO, University Medical Pharmaceuticals. "No over-the-counter product has shown to be as effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles or works as fast, 20 minutes is all it takes to look younger and more rejuvenated for just thirty dollars."

The WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift System two-week starter kit includes two micro-charged eye patches and Retinol 4x activating serum, Retinol 4x time-released intensive cream and 24 Hour Face Lift time-released dermal filler and is available at retail locations nationwide including, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens and Walmart for $29.99 (MSRP). The WrinkleFree Eyes 20-Minute Eye Lift System is the latest addition to University Medical Pharmaceuticals' growing line of skin and beauty care products which are developed in conjunction with leading university dermatology departments and faculty members.

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