Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dress For Success: Guidelines For A Suitable Suit

(NAPSI)-When it comes to selecting a suit, menswear experts advise, it's wise to follow four simple guidelines:

• Get the best suit you can afford: "We tell our clients it's better to purchase one higher-quality suit that falls within their budget than two lower-cost suits for the same amount," said clothing expert Christian Boehm. The cloth superiority and construction typically found in more expensive suits tend to provide a more enjoyable and longer-wearing experience. Clothing companies generally offer several collections, or labels, that come in a range of fabrics and construction options, from custom-made to off-the-rack, resulting in various price points.

• Select the proper cloth for your suit: Boehm explained the right cloth for a person frequently on the road would differ from the cloth desired by an individual who rarely leaves the office. He stated, "If you travel regularly, a highly durable fabric will serve you better than a lightweight cloth," adding a suit's cloth should also be determined by how often you plan on wearing the garment.

• Make sure the suit fits properly: Proper fit is essential to your enjoyment of and how you look in a new suit. "First and foremost, the shoulders of the coat must fit correctly. This allows for the most freedom of movement and the revelation of flattering lines. Next comes proper fit in the waist and seat, critical for both comfort and proper appearance of pleats, waistbands and other pant features," said Boehm. He believes custom suits have a distinct advantage over ready-made suits in this area.

• Style it the way you want it: After addressing the quality, cloth and fit of the suit, you have the opportunity to finish the garment with an assortment of details. From two or three buttons on the coat to pleats or flat-front trousers, these decisions provide personalization. "This is the part of the customization process where individuals can really add a bit of their personality to their suit," said Boehm.

Added Boehm, vice president of marketing and merchandising for The Tom James Company, which has been called the world's leading manufacturer and retailer of custom clothing, "When our clients take our established guidelines into account, they have suits that provide them with a great appearance as well as confidence."

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