Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to Stay Motivated and Keep Your Workouts Fresh

(ARA) – Whether it's walking the dog every day or getting to the gym three times a week, sometimes your exercise routine can feel like just that … routine. There are simple ways to keep your workouts fresh and renew your motivation to get moving for health and fitness.

* Have a plan and post your goals.
Whether it's losing weight, increasing endurance or just feeling healthier overall, having a plan makes it easier to stay on track. Posting your goals gives you something to work toward. Print out your goals and hang them on the wall above your treadmill or start a personal fitness blog and put your goals out there for everyone to see. Do some research online and talk with your doctor to make sure your goals are healthy and realistic. Unrealistic goals mean certain frustration.

* Reward yourself when you reach your goals.
Did you manage to exercise 30 minutes a day for an entire week? Reward yourself by getting a relaxing massage. Did you lose a few pounds? Take a night off, relax and watch television or read a book. Have you reached your weight loss goal? Splurge on a new MP3 player to listen to during your continued workouts. Try not to use food as a reward, especially if your goal is to lose weight.

* Work out with a friend.
Exercising with a friend can make your workout time fly. They may have new ideas and you can help keep each other on track.

* Try something new.
Working out can be fun with a new piece of equipment like a Sports Hoop -- a weighted hoop you swivel for just 10 to 15 minutes to provide cardiovascular benefits, tone muscles and burn calories and fat. Spend time each day working out with the Sports Hoop Workout DVD and you can trim your waist 2 inches and lose up to 4 pounds every month. For more information the workout that feels like child's play visit or call toll free (866) 700-5668.

* Change the order of your exercises.
If you're in a routine you could be in a rut. Simply changing the order you exercise in can help shake things up. If you walk three days a week and do cardio on Tuesdays, try walking at a different time of day or doing cardio two days in a row.

* Take it outside.
A change of venue can add great motivation, especially when you're out in the fresh air and sunshine. Even inclement weather can provide an extra push -- you'll run faster when you want to get out of the rain!

* Subscribe to a fitness magazine.
Magazines offer new plans and inspiration. Plus the photos of fit people can be great motivation when you picture yourself fitting into those new workout clothes.

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