Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Headache Relief

(NAPSI)-That neck pain you’re having could be a symptom of TMD, temporomandibular (jaw joint) disorder, a condition that affects more than 15 percent of American adults. TMD is particularly prevalent among women. Other symptoms of TMD include:

• chronic headaches

• painful clicking in the jaw

• locking or popping of the jaw joint

• back pain and

• swallowing problems.

Even though TMD is treatable, a national survey shows that patients often live with these painful symptoms for several years without relief despite seeking medical attention from physicians, neurologists and chiropractors. Sufferers commonly miss work due to the level of pain.

Surprisingly, relief can be found in a dentist’s chair. Dentists who are specially trained in neuromuscular techniques use a variety of methods to relax your jaw and find the optimal position. After a thorough examination, including a pain-free electronic analysis of the muscles of the jaw, a specially trained neuromuscular dentist can perform a workup and show how treatment will change the bite and alleviate pain.

From there, an orthotic, much like a mouth guard used by athletes, is custom made and used to temporarily maintain the optimal position until patients can be fitted with permanent crowns and veneers.

“Less than 5 percent of the dentists in the world are trained in neuromuscular dentistry,” said Dr. Bill Dickerson, president of LVI Global in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dentists from all over the world attend LVI to learn neuromuscular dentistry.

For more information or to locate a trained neuromuscular dentist near you, visit www.leadingdentists.com.

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