Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reduce Holiday Stress In An Hour Or Less

(NAPSI)-The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. However, with your ever-growing to-do list, from organizing family gatherings to finding the perfect gifts-not to mention grocery shopping, cleaning and decorating-all too often words such as "joy" and "celebration" are replaced with "anxiety" and "stress."

In fact, a recent survey by Lindt, a premium chocolate confectioner, found that two out of three women admit they are stressed during the holidays. While many women spend time perfecting their hostess techniques and buying gifts for loved ones, they often forget to take time out for themselves. The survey also found that in order to relieve stress, the majority of women, if given the chance, choose to go shopping, indulge in premium chocolate or visit their local spa. It's well known that when trying to avoid stress, it's important for women to remember that taking a personal time-out, even for only a moment, can make a big difference.

Whether you have an extra hour before you have to pick up the kids from school or you find yourself with only five minutes of precious "me time," here are five tips from Lindt that will help you forge through the holidays without forgetting about yourself!

1) 60 minutes: Go ahead, pamper yourself by booking a massage or a facial and let a professional soothe away your tension. A classic massage from your local day spa should leave you rejuvenated in under an hour.

2) 45 minutes: Book an appointment to have your hair blown out by a pro. The experience of having your hair styled will leave you feeling and looking like a million dollars at a fraction of the cost.

3) 30 minutes: Feed your brain by reading. Whether it's fact or fiction, read at least a chapter a day. Your mind will wander to a different place and forget about that lengthy to-do list.

4) 15 minutes: Take a cyber-break. Sign online to check out the latest celebrity gossip and news. Catching up on others' busy lives will help you briefly forget the stress of your own.

5) 5 minutes or less: Treat yourself to something indulgent, such as one smooth-melting Lindt Lindor Truffle, to help you momen-tarily escape the strains of everyday life.

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